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Miriam Hara

Chief Creative Officer

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Miriam is the Chief Creative Officer of 3H and the youngest of the Hara clan. Relentless in her pursuit of creative excellence, Miriam’s talent fuels her retail and brand marketing with a passionate heart. Having worked on both the client and advertising side, in a variety of industries, Miriam injects originality into her creative direction honed by the experience that can only come from personal in-depth  knowledge. With over 30 years of strategic, creative direction at corporate, category, and brand levels, she is well versed in all that is marketing and branding.

Miriam is also the  brand strategist of 3H; bringing together strategic business savvy with an all encompassing creative vision to product and service marketing. Trusted by clients to create only compelling creative, as a brand strategist Miriam understands her target audience and speaks to them with clarity, acuity and elegance in the classic and digital arenas. Her wide range of experience includes: cosmeceuticals, food, alcoholic beverages, retail, OTC, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, financial services, insurance services, medical services and consumer products.

The creative core of 3H, Miriam graciously leads her team to create original, strategic, memorable creative. Oh, and she’s fully bilingual.

Miriam’s Happy Face-Makers: Creating. Ideas. Shopping.


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