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Salvator Hara

Vice President, Client Services

Sal Hara - Vice President, Client Services vCard LinkedIn

Sal Hara prides himself on providing clients with exactly what they need, when they need it. He lives and breathes his client services mantra — “we can, we will”. With his keen eye and innate understanding of what clients look for in the end product, he delivers printing and unique promotions with star-like quality. Creative, functional and engaging promotions are essential to the execution of successful campaigns – as is precise, bold and detail-centric printing that is accurate and delivered on time and within budget. Sal consistently comes through with both.

Another invaluable asset is Sal’s uncanny ability to find the needle in the hay stack, be it origami paper, twisted pens or a highest tech gadget for tradeshow distribution. Sal has built a solid reputation with suppliers based on trust and integrity, which allows him to deliver exceptional service, each and every time.

Sal’s Happy Face-Makers: Fine Food. Restaurants. Driving.


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